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Can you Feel it?

Have you ever walked into an art gallery and been drawn to a piece of artwork that you just had to touch it? Textured art allows you to do just that. When an artist creates a textured piece, they are not only appealing to your

sense of sight but also to your sense of touch. The texture of a piece can give it depth and dimension, and create a unique experience for the viewer.

But textured art is not just about touch, it's also about the emotions it can evoke.

When I create a textured piece, I intentionally try to design it to provoke a feeling. Whether it's a sense of calmness, excitement, or even unease, the texture of a piece can create a specific emotional response.

One of my favorite things about textured art is how it can change depending on the lighting and viewing angle. As the light moves across the surface of the piece, it can create new shadows and highlights, bringing a whole new perspective to the artwork.

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