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Meet the Artist:  Cindy Snider


My art journey started by accident. I fell from a ladder and was laid up for a few weeks. I was stuck in bed, restless from not being able to do my 60-hour-a-week Corporate job that for 20+ years defined who I was.


During my recovery, a good friend gifted me an Adult coloring book to pass the time. That geometric shape coloring book helped transport me to a place of calm and peace. The colors, lines, and shapes were healing.  


That simple artistic process freed my mind and created a “brain space” that I had not experienced in years. As soon as I was able, I made my way to the art store, filled up two carts of all sorts of paints, converted a guest room into my first studio, and started to paint.  Eventually, my busy working Mom life returned, but I now had “my headspace time” when I was in my studio.  

Over the next several years of studying artists, painting techniques, and experimenting, I found my artistic voice. I began the show in local businesses, art galleries, and local festivals; producing commission pieces while honing my craft.


Today I believe that the attraction of my work is in its vibrant colors and soothing patterns. Their modern design is perfect for commercial and residential spaces.


Cindy Snider

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